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  To provide highest quality Management Information Service, Financial Management, and a variety of support services for City Officials, the public, and other departments.

  The Department's mission and day to day activities cover a wide range of functions for the City. Its customers consist of a large number of members of the public, as well as every department in the City. A necessary function of the organization is to impose structure and control on a variety of procedures, such as billing, recruitment, and information processing service. However, it is important for the Department's energy to be primarily focused on customer service and innovation, rather than on enforcing restrictions, in the process of achieving the department's primary goals.

Gary Watahira
Administrative Services Director
(559) 876-6300 Ext. 1150

Jose Cortez
Senior Accountant
(559) 876-6300 Ext. 1140

Utility Services, Dog Licensing and Business Licensing Information


How to Start City of Sanger Utility Services:

  City of Sanger’s City Hall is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed Saturday and Sunday.  You may reach City Hall Administrative Services by calling (559) 876-6300 extension 1110.

  If you purchased a home in the City of Sanger you will need to sign up for City utility services.  This may be accomplished by coming into the Administrative Services Department located at 1700 7th Street in Sanger, during business hours with your identification (driver’s license).  At this time your 3 (three) trash containers will be issued and delivered to your home.  A deposit is not required of home owners to start services.  To avoid interruption in utility services this should be done as soon as escrow closes.  If you have any questions regarding City services call (559) 876-6300, extension 1110.

  If you are renting a home in the City of Sanger you will need to sign up for City utility services. You will need to come into the Administrative Services Department during business hours with an acceptable form of identification (e.g. driver’s license), your rental agreement, and a $200.00 deposit. Utilities may now be paid by credit card.

*The City water services are metered and utility services are billed monthly.


Dog License Tag Information:

  The City of Sanger requires a dog owner to license their dog(s) over the age of 4 months.  Sanger does require that any animal, except a cat, to be restrained with a leash.

  If you have a current dog license with another governmental agency and your dog has a current anti-rabies vaccination, you are not required to pay a license fee until that license expires.  You must, however, register your dog(s) with the City within 10 days after becoming a resident of Sanger.  You will be given a replacement license tag at a cost of fifty cents ($0.50).

  All dog owners are required to provide their dog(s) with a collar to which the license tag can be attached.  All dogs are required to wear their license tag at all times.  If you lose your animal’s license tag, a replacement tag can be purchased for fifty cents ($0.50).


How to Obtain an Animal License:

  To obtain an animal license tag for your dog come to City Hall during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and purchase the license tag in person at the cashier’s window.  You may pay by cash, check or credit/debit card.

  You will need to bring in a copy of the rabies certificate and proof of spaying/neutering when licensing your animal.

How to Obtain a Business License:

   On behalf of the City of Sanger and the local business community, we wish to thank you for choosing to do business here. The City of Sanger and its residents have a strong commitment to community, sustainability and collaboration, and we are confident you will enjoy your business experience.

   As a starting point for general business license questions or information please call our Administrative Services Department at 559-876-6300 ext 1100, Monday- Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

   Businesses looking to expand or relocate in Sanger should contact Tom Navarro Director of Economic Development at 559-876-6300 ext 1520 or Planning at 559-876-6300 ext 1540.

   Generally anyone who operates a business within City limits or provides deliveries of goods or services within City limits, must obtain a valid City business license. A business license application may be obtained by calling (559) 876-6300, Ext 1100, or you may come to the Administrative Service Department at 1700 7th Street, Sanger, CA 93657 or by clicking here.


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