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How to Obtain a Business License:

    On behalf of the City of Sanger and the local business community, we wish to thank you for choosing to do business here. The City of Sanger and its residents have a strong commitment to community, sustainability and collaboration, and we are confident you will enjoy your business experience.

    As a starting point for general business license questions or information please call our Administrative Services Department at 559-876-6300 Ext. 1100, Monday- Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

    Businesses looking to expand or relocate in Sanger should contact Tom Navarro Director of Economic Development at 559-876-6300 Ext. 1520 or Planning at 559-876-6300 Ext. 1540.

    Generally anyone who operates a business within City limits or provides deliveries of goods or services within City limits, must obtain a valid City business license. A business license application may be obtained by calling (559) 876-6300, Ext. 1100, or you may come to the Administrative Service Department at 1700 7th Street, Sanger, CA 93657. (Click Here For Forms)

    Before getting started click here to download a checklist to assist in making your business a reality.


Please see the schedule below to identify the fees for the type of business you plan to operate.

Applications Fees:


*Other New Business: $137.00
*Professional Business: $149.50
Manufacturing/ Wholesale: $162.00
Contractors/Sub-Contractors: One year $129.00 or One Job $29.00
Decals: First issued decal is free, each additional decal or replacement decal is $3
Solicitors Fees: $19 per day       $54 per month       $129 per year

*Home Occupation Regulation form may be required Before submitting your completed application and paying the business license fees it is important to check with the City of Sanger’s Development Services Department to verify that the zoning for the location of your business is allowed for the type of business you are starting.

All new business license applicants located in Sanger City Limits are subject to department approval.  Please allow 7-10 days for processing.


City of Sanger/Utilities 559-876-6300
Economic Development 559-876-6300 Ext. 1520
City of Sanger Planning/Zoning 559-876-6300 Ext. 1540
Building Permits 559-876-6300 Ext. 1510
Sanger Code Enforcement 559-876-6300
Sanger Chamber of Commerce 559-875-4575
Fresno County Department of Health 559-600-3200
Fresno County Clerk/ Fictitious Business Name 559-600-2575
Board of Equalization 559-440-5330

Certificate Display:

    Upon approval of your Business License application you will receive a Business Tax Certificate. Businesses with fixed locations shall display the Business Tax Certificate in a place which is visible to the public. Certificates issued for businesses which are not conducted at a fixed location may be issued a business license decal and it shall be attached to left rear bumper of the assigned vehicle or trailer while conducting business in the City of Sanger. If business is conducted within the City by several individuals/vehicles, decals shall be issued by the City to be carried by each individual conducting business. Tax Certificates are issued for a maximum one year period. Tax Certificates are to be displayed until receipt of the following year's certificate.

Going out of Business: Final Filing Instructions:

If you are closing your business, please mail your signed Business Tax Certificate with the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Closed Date
  • Forwarding Mailing Address

If you have any questions please call 559-876-6300 Ext. 1100.

Application Forms:

  • Contractor Subcontractor Application
  • Flat Fee Application
  • Home Occupation Application
  • Manufacturing Wholesale Application
  • Mobile Food Vending Application
  • Other New Business License Application
  • Professional Business License Application
  • Solicitor Application

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